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I’ve always felt most alive under the wide-open sky. There’s just something magical about timeless, old-growth forests, radiant sunlight dancing through the leaves, and untamed fields bursting with wildflowers, don’t you think? And so, inspired by dynamic light and the ever-changing seasons, I’ve chosen to use the diverse landscapes of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia as the canvas for my art: wedding photography.

Since 2008, I’ve documented the heartfelt vows, delicate details, and hysterical dance moves of creative, adventurous couples like you. Through a style that is elegant and rich with emotion, I transform life’s most joyful moments into heirlooms you can treasure for years to come. With an experience that is as lively and laidback as you are, I am dedicated to crafting galleries filled with a personality that is entirely your own. And by inspiring genuine laughter (you won’t find any of that “okay, now pretend to laugh!” here) and prompting you to trade earnest words of love, I’ll flood your gallery with beautiful memories to accompany images you’ll adore.

When I’m not behind a camera, you can probably find me riding my horse, Roper, cooking with my husband, Allan, or packing up snacks, binoculars, and a homemade map to “go on an adventure” with my daughter, Brynn. I’m always halfway through at least five books, searching for lovingly handcrafted items to add to my shelves, and collecting fresh flowers to fill my countless vases. But most of all, I’m always looking forward to meeting the next incredible couple whose story I get to tell.

I can’t wait to hear your proposal story, daydream about your wedding day plans, and dive into what you’re most excited about seeing in your wedding gallery! So, let’s begin your wedding photography adventure. Together.

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My favorite things



I am a student of light. Learning and finding ways to use light while creating images is so fun for me. Your images will be filled with it!

My heart


Meet my daughter, Brynn, and my horse, Roper. I really don't care if I ever get another photo of these two. This one is perfect. Right down to the wet, hay-filled socks. 

Adventurous couples 


I adore couples that appreciate natural beauty so much that they want to be immersed in their surroundings, even on their wedding day. If it's a fall day, even better! 

My garden


I've always been a plant lover and my parents taught me well. From native perennials to vegetables I try to grow them all! 

My human


This guy. My husband, Allan. He is as hilarious as he is handsome. Super talented singer / songwriter / recording artist / dishwasher / and the best dada to Brynn.
Check out his music here.

My work


Helping clients have an incredible wedding day!

about you

My clients are beauty seekers
and nature lovers,
with a taste for adventure and deep family roots. 

Does this sound like you?
I'd love to connect.


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I have found that the best way to capture pure bliss and genuine happiness on the wedding day is by creating a seamless and stress-free experience for my clients from the moment we meet.

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