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Chris & Annie

Petite Wedding

petite wedding in state college, pa

Finally…the word we’ve been using a lot. After 2 planned dates, Chris & Annie had a perfectly petite wedding with just their family. All beautifully set in Annie’s childhood home. Their vows shared with her Father officiating in front of a cozy fireplace. Then in a surprise twist for the Bride and Groom, a parade of guests came by in cars to celebrate with them after the ceremony. Annies’ reactions to each car full of loved ones was especially wonderful!

I’ve asked Annie & Chris to share about their day throughout the gallery…

Why did you choose your ceremony & reception venue? Any family history there?

Lol! There is a lot of family history–we got married in the Robison family (and Annie’s childhood) home in State College. Originally, we intended to get married at State College Presbyterian Church, a place that holds a lot of meaning for Annie. But out of an abundance of caution, we decided to hold everything (the “rehearsal” dinner, ceremony, reception, and brunch) at the Robisons’. Moreover, Annie’s mom, Peggy, is a natural event planner–she’s thrown dozens of parties and tailgates–so hosting a small wedding was a cinch. The reception, in particular, was an opportunity for Peggy to pull out all the stops: velvet tablecloths, decadent floral arrangements, and individually-themed rooms. Moreover, because the reception was at home, we got to enjoy the set-up for three days.

How did you meet?

We met on March 17, 2017 (St. Patrick’s Day) at McCloskey’s Tavern in Ardmore. Chris was there with his college friend, Ed. They chose that bar because the first (and only) time they’d been to McCloskey’s was one year before, and they felt it was fitting. Annie and her roommate, Michaela, were entertaining some friends from out-of-town. They were planning on going to another Irish bar after dinner, but decided to go to their usual spot instead. Once there, Annie’s friends noticed Chris, and one of the regulars asked him to take a picture of their table. Michaela even said, “that’s the next guy you’re going to date.” For the rest of the night, Annie accepted the challenge and approached Chris once her friends were leaving. They started talking, felt an instant connection, and the rest is history.

Where did you purchase your dress? What is the designers’ name?

The dress was purchased at Elizabeth Johns in Ardmore, PA (where the couple lives). Coincidentally, the brand (Pronovias) is based in Barcelona, where Annie and Chris traveled in 2019 and looked at a number of dress shops. It’s also part of the “St. Patrick’s” collection, which calls back to the day they first met: March 17th.

What do you remember from the moments right before you walked down the aisle?

Eva holding Annie’s flowers… Ted wanting to stand, but not sure…. “I Lava You” (Annie loves volcanoes)… Lucas saving the day by getting the rings from Aunt Katey’s bedroom… “This is intimate…”

Who gave toasts? What was a favorite memory from their toast?

After the ceremony, everyone gathered in the family room. There was no official program, but Ted volunteered and gave a very touching toast. As he pointed out, the Morrin family are typical Irish Catholics, so they don’t always communicate emotionally. After giving a trigger warning (for “feelings”) Ted explained that he couldn’t believe his younger brother was getting married (he was born 1 minute earlier) and shared anecdotes from their younger days that demonstrated how he knew Chris loved him and how much Chris would love Annie. Needless to say, it meant a lot to Chris and Annie (and John gave Ted props).

How did you feel at the end of the night?

Excited… Over-the-moon… Enthusiastic… Sentimental… No last dance (can’t wait to have a big celebration!)

What was your favorite part of your petite wedding day?

Frozen photo adventure!… Vows: so excited!!… Annie walking down the aisle (I lava you, how she looked, watching family’s faces)… Surprise drive-by!! … Seeing our families interact (at last!)… Car bombs (tradition) with family…

Now that the wedding planning is over- what advice would you share with a couple currently planning? 

Having to pare everything back made us think about what’s important/what makes a wedding… Some traditional things (the dress, the rings, the cake, the prosecco) and some important (the vows, having family present). We’re still looking forward to having a bigger celebration with friends and family, but it will probably look different than we originally imagined.

You should know all the amazing people that made this petite wedding a beautiful experience:

Venue Location: Annie’s Childhood Home

Florist: Jason Narber

Cake: Kim Morrison

Photography: Jana Scott Photography

State College, PA Wedding Photographer

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